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10 Hair Color Lessons Passed Down: Wisdom for Every Generation

Posted on May 7th, 2024.

As the saying goes, "Mother knows best," and when it comes to hair color, many of us have learned valuable lessons from our moms that we carry with us throughout our lives. From simple tips to professional advice, the wisdom passed down from generation to generation shapes not only our approach to hair care but also our sense of style and confidence. In this blog post, we'll delve into 10 hair color lessons passed down from moms, offering timeless insights that resonate with daughters of every age.

Lessons Passed Down from Mom

From the moment we're born, our mothers become our first teachers, imparting wisdom that shapes our lives in countless ways. When it comes to hair color, many of us have fond memories of sitting in the kitchen as Mom expertly applied color to her hair or shared her favorite tips for maintaining a vibrant hue. As we grow older, we realize that these lessons go far beyond mere aesthetics – they're a reflection of the bond between mother and daughter, a shared experience that transcends generations.

In this blog, we'll explore 10 timeless hair color lessons passed down from moms, celebrating the wisdom and expertise that have been handed down from mother to daughter for years. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a newcomer to the world of hair color, these insights are sure to inspire and empower you on your hair journey.

Don’t shampoo your hair before getting it colored

  • Mom was right: Shampooing your hair right before coloring can strip away the natural oils that help protect your scalp and hair. This can make your scalp more sensitive during the coloring process and may affect how the color adheres to your hair strands.

Coloring your hair will leave it dry, damaged, and brittle

  • Mom was right: Hair coloring involves chemicals that can strip away the hair's natural moisture and protein, leading to dryness, damage, and brittleness. It's essential to use high-quality, nourishing hair color products and follow up with conditioning treatments to minimize damage and maintain hair health.

Your grandma got gray hair in her 20s, so you will too

  • Not necessarily: Premature graying can have genetic factors, but it can also be influenced by environmental factors, stress levels, and overall health. Genetics play a role, but they're not the only determining factor in premature graying.

Your eyebrows should match your hair color

  • Not necessarily: While matching your eyebrows to your hair color can create a cohesive look, it's not always necessary or ideal. Many factors, including skin tone and personal preference, can influence the most flattering eyebrow color.

You can’t color your hair when you’re pregnant

  • Not necessarily: While some pregnant women choose to avoid hair coloring due to concerns about chemical exposure, many professional hair color products are safe to use during pregnancy, especially when proper ventilation and precautions are taken.

Hair color is high-maintenance

  • Mom was right: Depending on the desired color, maintaining vibrant hair color can require regular touch-ups every 4-6 weeks to cover roots and maintain color intensity. Additionally, using color-safe hair care products and limiting exposure to factors like sun and chlorine can help prolong color vibrancy.

The color you were born with is the most flattering on you

  • Not necessarily: While natural hair color can complement your skin tone and features, experimenting with different hair colors can enhance your overall look and style. A skilled colorist can recommend shades that flatter your complexion and bring out your best features.

Using foods on your hair will enhance your color

  • Not necessarily: While some natural ingredients like lemon juice or chamomile can subtly lighten hair over time, they're not as effective or predictable as professional hair color products. For significant color changes or coverage of gray hair, professional hair color is the most reliable option.

After coloring your hair, you should wait a few days for the color to “settle down”

  • Mom was right: Hair color can appear more vibrant immediately after coloring due to the pigment saturation and processing. Waiting a few days allows the color molecules to fully penetrate the hair shaft and settle into the desired shade for more natural-looking results.

Using heat styling tools excessively will fade your hair color

  • Mom was right: Frequent use of heat tools such as flat irons and hair dryers can cause damage to the hair and cause the color to fade faster. Excessive heat can open the hair cuticle, allowing the color to escape more easily. It's recommended to use heat protectants and limit the use of heat tools to prolong hair color durability.

Celebrating Generational Wisdom

In conclusion, the bond between mother and daughter is a powerful force that transcends time and space. From childhood memories of watching Mom apply her favorite hair color to sharing our hair care tips with the next generation, the lessons passed down from moms are an integral part of our beauty routines and our lives. As we celebrate Mother's Day and beyond, let's take a moment to honor the wisdom and expertise of the women who came before us, and to cherish the special moments we've shared.

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